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Just to let everyone know Ian "Fuzz" Fulton has recently resigned his post as Avenger's bass guitarist.


Without delving into minute detail we can say this is an amicable situation and we wish Fuzz all the best in whatever future music orientated plans he may have. We also want to thank him for his huge commitment to Avenger since 2005, we could not have come this far without him.


Our former bass guitarist Huw Holding has returned to bass duties for us, a situation we are very comfortable with as it reunites our 2007-2009 line up.


To learn more about the man himself visit his PROFILE PAGE
























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Avenger are proud to announce our skin beater, GARY YOUNG is now an endorsee of the PORTER AND DAVIES BC2 tactile drum monitor system.


It is a revolutionary piece of equipment that allows drummers to “feel” what they play even in situations where traditional monitoring on stage is hard to hear.  Essentially a drum throne that through bone conduction allows you to feel every bass drum hit you play though the drum stool, in turn tricking the body into feeling you are sitting on top of and listening to a massive set of sub woofers.


“The BC2 allows you to feel, experience and hear the bass drum like you never felt it before. It consists of our very own Patented throne top with the finest Tactile Generator mounted internally, coupled to a flight cased electronics "Engine" pack. The system delivers powerful and nuanced reproduction, transmitted through bone conduction”.


Gary Young on his BC2: “It’s a revolutionary piece of kit.  No matter what sound issues I could encounter up on stage I’m always going to be able to know and feel what I’m playing up there.  The strange thing with how it works is it actually tricks your mind into thinking you’re hearing and feeling a miced up bass drum through a large PA that thumps you right in the chest, just how I like it!  This takes all the guesswork out of playing when you may be struggling to hear you kit over the band when playing live.  I wouldn’t play live without it again”


For more information visit:









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We have recently been in the studio working on a special project, a project very close to our hearts.  


We are pleased to announce we will be appearing on the forthcoming and first OFFICIAL RAVEN tribute album , which will be released by Italian label, LA RIOT SURVIVOR RECORDS.  We still can't confirm the title or release date and we'll keep you posted as soon as we know.


It was an honour to perform their classic track, “Inquisitor”, which was originally written for their 1981 album, “Rock until You Drop” but left off the final running order.  A re-recorded version was issued on the 1983 album, “All for One” featuring none other than Udo Dirkschneider of Accept fame on guest vocals.   We felt it was a perfect choice for us and we believe that with the direction and style of that chosen song it could have sat right along with the tracks from our album, The Slaughter Never Stops.



We are also the only UK band to feature on the album, which is a bit special for us as Raven are one of the bands main early influences not just to us but a whole host of metal bands, but also long time personal friends of ours.


Here is a sneak review for your appreciation:
























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These are the defining genres that best describe Avenger.  Not a random stab at a description, but an archive of metal styles the band have molded themselves to and related to since their N.W.O.B.H.M. founding over three decades ago by three members of the cult band Blitzkrieg.

During this time, Avenger honed their playing skills and built up a worldwide fan base, enjoying rapturous receptions at festivals and concerts from the eastern seaboard of America, to the metal hungry fanatics of Europe and down to the tropics of Latin America.

Avenger have just had their complete recorded work re-released for the sixth time in seven years!!!!  You have had to pay your dues to achieve that type of continuity.  

From the word go, Avenger always had this mission statement: Get out and put on as intense and as professional a show as possible!  So with that mission in mind, we look forward to seeing you at venues worldwide in the very near future………..


Avenger are:

Ian Swift (vocals)

Gary Young (drums and backing vocals)

Liam Thompson (guitar and backing vocals)

Sean Jeffries (guitar)

Huw Holding (bass guitar)

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GIG UPDATES!!!! Avenger announced for HARD ROCK HELL #2 2017


A quick update regarding our upcoming gigs.  Below is a list of our upcoming dates for the end of 2016 leading into 2017.  


We are proud to announce we will be playing Hard Rock Hell NWOBHM #2 on the 2nd Decemeber 2017 at Sheffield O2 Academy.












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