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I was introduced to Gary Young in about 2003, by Heavy Metal match maker Glenn Howes.


We started putting together a band called Order of the Black Sun, which featured Gary, myself, Stu Dixon (now guitarist in Venom) and vocalist Ol Rauer.  


In 2005 Gary left as he wanted to put Avenger back together.  I continued with Order for a while, whilst Avenger embarked on their 2006 reunion tour.  Sadly The Order broke up in 2007 in quite tragic circumstances.  I then got a call from Gary asking if I could help Avenger demo some tracks etc, as Mick Moore was living in Leicester and the rest of the band were in Newcastle.  As it happened I ended up staying until 2009.


I left the band as I could not commit to the next years gig schedule, due to work commitments, as I had been offered a job working on a ship.  I found a replacement in Pete Morris and then Fuzz eventually became the permanent Avenger bassist.


Whilst away from Avenger I joined a local doom band called Nord, fronted by former Order vocalist Ol Rauer.  In 2010 I also played a number of gigs with Avenger.  


In 2011, Swifty and I put out the Cardinal Synne album.  Since then I have been playing in an Iron Maiden Tribute called Maiden UK (with Sean & Liam and occasional appearances by Swifty!).  So this is actually my 3rd stint in Avenger.  I do believe I am being punished for my sins in a past life!!!


The most important skill an Avenger bassist must possess is the ability to drive a van.  However I have to say that my times with Avenger have always been great and I am looking forward to the fun and games!



Favourite Albums:  Restless and Wild - Accept, Heaven & Hell - Black Sabbath, Morbid Tales - Celtic Frost, Killers - Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin III, Peace Sells...But Who's Buying - Megadeth.


Favourite Bands: .....err Iron Maiden obviously, Black Sabbath (Dio era), Accept, Led Zeppelin, Arch Enemy, Slayer, Megadeth, Blizzard of Ozz, Judas Priest, Rainbow (Dio era), The Cult...


Favourite Bassists:  Steve Harris, Geezer Butler, Dave Eleffson, John Entwistle, John Paul Jones, Peter Baltes, Bob Daisley, Geddy Lee and Neil






Equipment Used:



Bass Guitars: 3 x Fender Precisions (Steve Harris signature models)

                      2 x B.C. Rich Mockingbirds

                      Status Custom Shop


Amplification:  Marshall VBA 400

                      Peavey Mark IV amp

                      2 x Marshall VBC 4x12 cabs

                      I don't really use effects bar a compressor


Huw Holding - Bass Guitar

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